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My first solo trip

snow 2 °C


Waking up everyday with a temptation to hike the world, perceive each part of culture, religion and diversity, and meet and adore the melange of personage, it actually took me 22 big years to finally break my one solo trip.

It was the time when my final year exams eventually called off and I resolved to spend one hot week in the laps of Snowy mountains. Trekking was on the list, and being a novice I affirmed to admire Kheerganga, alone. No parental supervision, no pre-booked itinerary, nothing. Just a backpack and a doze of desire to spend time in solitude.

Sometimes, to know a little deeper we have to walk a mile further.

Kheerganga is the range of mountains on the extreme top of Parvati valley with an altitude of 4000m and a pick of myth that Lord Shiva meditated for 3000 long years here. Also called the place of lord Shiva's in-laws, Kheerganga, well surrounded with wide range of flora and fauna get its way via the much tourist-ed village of Kasol. Kasol lies on the strays of a small town called Bhuntar and is precisely known for its enthralling view of Parvati valley and Pravati range.

My trip began from Delhi as I booked a seat in Semi-sleeper A/C Volvo from Majnu ka Tilla to Bhuntar and got myself seated by 10.30 pm. It costed me around 800/- INR for the smooth and beautiful journey. As soon as I sat, I passed out immediately without much trouble and the moment I got up, I realized that I'm certainly escalating through the valleys of Himanchal.


There is something mystical about this state. Its beyond one's usual perception of how nature actually nurtures itself.

On the way from Delhi to Bhuntar, I was accompanied by a frequent traveler who willingly guided me through Kasol. Getting off at Bhuntar by around 10 in the morning along with the fellow travelers, I booked a shared cab to Kasol for 200/- INR.

It was one different experience as among the hikers with me in that cab, sitting beside me was an Engineer turned You-tuber who was all set to capture the country in his Go-pro, captivating everyone with the untold sagas of places he had been. The girl sitting right in front of me was a mountain climber whereas the one sitting beside her was a fashion designer, all from different parts of the country. Everything around me was spellbinding and I tried to plunge deeper in it.

Reaching Kasol, I crashed my bags at Him-trek Camps and moved out to witness the air of this ravishing place. The camp was right beside Parvati river and had single, double and triple occupancy tents to spend your night in. The three days pack costed me 2500/- INR including stays and dinner.


Jumping over some fences I found myself right beside of pristine water of Parvati river, burbling as it traveled along its bed, shredding sparkles over rocks and branches. My mind lost itself in the soothing chirps of birds and woodsy aroma of the heavens.


This small little town is well known for its Cafes, scenic views, tranquility and herb. Kasol is often listed as a front-runner by many neighboring foreigners especially from Israel who are fond of spending their summers in the air of Nature and smoke, of-course of Cannabis.



Kasol markets and cafes are worth a visit for all those searching for a hush from their chaotic never-ending city life.

With much of the town covered along with a mini-trek through the bushes of Kasol, I ended my day 1 with a glass of Vodka and some Bon-fire at my base cap, dancing with crew to solace my day's tiredness. Give or take it was a day well spent.


With two Parathas and a bowl of curd stacked in my belly, I was transported to the base of Kheerganga trek. A DAM. Yes, that is where the trek starts. Camp arranged us a guide and proper stay at out destination point.


Compiling all the enthusiasm, we trailed ourselves to finally witness the mighty Kheerganga. One way to reach the top is through the dense jungle and other goes through the village. We settled for the Forrest walkway as it had plethora of waterfalls and narrow aisle giving a rush of blood through the head every time thought of. The complete trek took approximately 5 hours of uphill march and with each step we discovered ourselves.

Sharing with you the feel I drenched myself into.

The curvy pathways

And the rocky cliffs

There is no such thing like solo trip. You always make friends on the way.


Leaving my marks behind.

At around 4.30 in the evening we finally sat our foot at our end destination. I could feel the blitz of chilled air on my face and frosty quiver throughout my body. The scene was worth of all the fatigue we went through. Small tents with little chimneys throwing soot. Snowy mountains in the background and thousands of green soaring trees creating an illusion of their own. Generally it takes a part of second to picture an image in front of our eyes, but for what I witnessed even ages seemed small to endure the euphoria.


Atop of this plane surface lies a temple of lord Shiva and a hot water spring. What more does a body needs to feel in the whooping 2 degree temperature. Blazing water around the body, constant chants of mantras and endless echo of bells through the ears made me feel alive. If this is not what bliss is, I don't know what it is. I almost slept inside the spring relaxing throughout.

Later I ended the day with appetizing dinner and warm sleep at camp. Next day we started our descent early morning back to the base camp which took us roughly 3 hours to touch the base and back to the tent. I had my bus booked from Bhuntar for 8 pm that day which dropped me back to Delhi the next morning.

This three days journey not only left me with a bunch of fellow travelers and deluge of memories but also with colossal of wisdom and sanity. Solo trip was worth all of it. :)

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